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In the Bible, a church is regarded as all the Christians living in a geographic area, as the church in Philippi, the church in Galatia, the church in Rome, etc.

The Bible says we should not say, I am of Paul, or I am of Apollos, or I am of Cephas, but rather see ourselves as parts of the whole church of our area.

But the whole church of the Twin Cities is so large – thousands of congregations and hundreds of thousands of people – so no one can personally see it or understand it, except through statistics and reports from scouts.

That’s the reason for this site ... to count churches (congregations) ...
to count attenders (believers) ... to track trends ... to spot problems and opportunities ... to facilitate collaboration ... to tell what’s working and
not working ... to give a picture of the whole church of the Twin Cities.

Orientation, tools and analysis for pastors and church boards

Source for facts on 3,476 Twin Cities churches

Throughout human history, scouts have had an important role:

Go see what's happening outside ...

then report back to the people inside


In military, called forward observers ...

In government, called intelligence agents ...

In business, called market researchers ...

In athletics, called sports scouts ...

          Here, called church scouts ...


See the WHOLE CHURCH of the Twin Cities

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Church Scouts

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Church attendance Minneapolis St Paul
Church attendance Minneapolis St Paul

Church Scouts is a group of business professionals
who volunteer time and services to help Twin Cities churches


GROWTH is not the goal of the church, but a measure. Jesus said the goal is to 'make disciples,' a goal that is both qualitative AND quantitative.

It's not the size of a church that's important, but the trending direction.

Whether large or small, if a church is making disciples faster than losing, it should be visible as a growth trend. Fact is, overall, Twin Cities churches are losing disciples and losing share of metro population.

The numbers here tell the story and offer help (experiences of growing churches) for reversing the trend.

This site provides facts for making important decisions, reduces blind spots and gives insights for change and collaboration.

This is the only site that let's you see the WHOLE CHURCH of the Twin Cities – not just individual congregations – but the sum total of all believers.

There are more than 3,400 churches in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area of 3,500,000 people. Only 14% are growing, 86% are stalled or declining!

Church Scouts work to help reverse the trend by supplying pastors and church boards with information and tools for making better, bolder, faster decisions.

Free service, Scouts are volunteers

Church Scouts is a free, volunteer, non-denominational, laymen-led, self-organizing service to churches based on the concept of Scouts:

Going out and getting important information about what's working and what's not working for church growth in the Twin Cities, and sharing the information.


IMPORTANT: It's possible for some churches to grow just by out-competing other churches with larger staff, more programs and better facilities, by human effort with marketing and money. However, drawing from one church to another, with winners and losers, is NOT the Church Scouts vision of growth. Church Scouts is about new conversions and first-time church membership, and that's why so much attention is given here to understanding and communicating with modern secular culture.

For overall growth into the future, churches need to be good in cross-cultural missions right here in the Twin Cities.



An extension of CityVision

City Vision – a church information and consulting service founded and operated by Rev. Dr. John A. Mayer – has been serving churches in the Twin Cities metro for more than 20 years. City Vision has an excellent reputation among churches of all denominations.

Because of City Vision's CITYVIEW REPORT (185 pages of tables, charts and graphs), the Twin Cities is already the most church-researched metro in the world. This is a strong foundation upon which to build the Church Scouts service.

The statistical church data used throughout this site is from City Vision.

How does this site
help churches grow?


Personal perspectives are narrow, colored by our own experiences,
research and facts show the full picture and make better leaders