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Church growth in the Twin Cities

Scouts gather and report important information

Connections to churches and community

Databases with facts and figures

Tools for communication and feedback

Briefings for pastors and church boards

Church Scouts bring important information to pastors, staff and church boards about what's working and what's not working for church growth in the Twin Cities. Scouts tell people on the inside what’s happening on the outside.

NO INDIVIDUAL CHURCH has the time, money or expertise to track the experiences of other churches and do intensive community research to learn how people are thinking and how people are responding to what churches are saying and doing.

Church Scouts are committed Christians in the Twin Cities who are skilled professionals – market researchers, focus group facilitators, analysts, database administrators and other specialists – who volunteer time to help with church growth.

Church Scouts is a non-denominational, laymen-led, self-organizing service based on the concept of Scouts: going out and bringing back important information for important decisions.

Church Scouts is new – started January 2017.

Church Scouts is privately funded. All services are free to Twin Cities Churches.

Church Scouts does not seek publicity. It just works quietly behind the scenes.



THE REASON for Church Scouts is that Twin Cities churches are experiencing unprecedented stress – two-thirds of the 3,344 churches in the Twin Cities are in 5-year decline!

This is more than a dip. This is a major long-term trend, a major paradigm shift, requiring new information and new thinking.

Loss of attendance is the leading indicator of other losses that follow: loss of commitment, loss of income, loss of participation and loss of community influence.

Church Scouts give local church leaders greater awareness and understanding of social changes occurring in the community and actions being taken by other churches.

Facts become the catalyst for action. Church Scouts supply church leaders with quantitative data and analysis needed to make better, bolder, faster decisions, and to help overcome resistance to change.

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Personal perspectives are narrow, colored by our own experiences,
research and facts show the full picture and make better leaders