Gospel presentation to Nones

How do you present the gospel to people who are
turned off by church and don't believe the Bible?

Here's how one pastor explains it

Andy Stanley
North Point Community Church, Atlanta

Similar to how the Apostle Paul had one presentation for Jews (Acts 22:3-21) and another for Athenians(Acts 17:22-31), contextualized for each audience

Andy Stanley / Who Needs God? – Part 1


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Americans are migrating away from religion at an unprecedented rate; Christianity in particular. But not because atheism is more appealing. People are leaving because religion has lost its appeal. Once upon a time Americans believed religion offered solutions. Today, religion is viewed by many as the problem.

If you don’t believe in God or are on the verge of giving up on God, it’s probably not because of a thoroughly researched rational conclusion. It’s probably more personal than that. Atheism hasn’t become more appealing. Your version of theism has lost its appeal or doesn’t seem real. Watch these videos as we explore the question, Who needs God?

Andy Stanley / Who Needs God? – Part 2

Everyone has religious doubts. Certain things about God are unsettling. Our circumstances can make God seem distant or vengeful. Science can make God seem unnecessary. Those doubts can cause us to abandon faith. But maybe our perspectives are wrong. Maybe the gods we abandon never existed to begin with.

Faith in No-Testament gods – bodyguard god, on-demand god, boyfriend god, guilt god, anti- science god, gap god, and angry-Old-Testament god – leads to unmet expectations, childhood explanations, ill-informed interpretation, and blatant manipula- tion. We invent these 'gods' based on expectations we put on the true God, an irrational way to determine if God is real.

Andy Stanley / Who Needs God? – Part 3

Do you ever wonder how you can trust Jesus if it requires you to believe everything in the Bible is true? Does Christianity seem like a fragile house of cards that may tumble down in the face of scientific or archaeological discovery? Should we really believe something just because the Bible tells us so?

Before the Old and New Testaments were combined and called the Bible, the debate about the Christian faith centered on an event, not a book. We believe Jesus rose from the dead, but not because the Bible says so. We believe because of the testimony of eyewitnesses who gave up everything – including their lives –because of their confidence in Jesus.

Andy Stanley / Who Needs God? – Part 4

Are you caught between doubt and despair because you’ve been trying to worship the wrong god? If big-G God has lost his appeal because you’ve mixed him up with a gaggle of little-g gods who don’t exist, then how can you know what God is really like?

If you could see God just once, wouldn’t it settle your fears, give you assurance, and motivate you to hold firm in your faith? If you want to know what God says, listen to Jesus. If you want to know what God is up to, watch Jesus. If you want to have a closer relationship with God, follow Jesus.


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