Briefing #8 – Twin Cities Multisite Update

• National picture: Multisites growing

• Local picture: Multisites slowing

• Six denominations excel at multisites

• Arguments for multisites

• List and data on all Twin Cities multisites

• Size and/or Multisite not big advantage

• National picture: Multisites booming

• Local picture: Multisites slowing

• Six denominations excel at multisites

• Arguments for multisites

• List and data on all Twin Cities multisites

• Size and/or Multisite not big advantage

Briefing #7 – Twin Cities Church Attendance

• One-in-five in attend church in Twin Cities

• 3,476 churches here, only 14% growing

• More churches, fewer attenders

• Smaller churches growing fastest

• Demographic headwinds for the church

• List of 100 largest churches in Twin Cities

Briefing #9 – 'Nones' squeezing out evangelicals

• Startling statistics on generational shifts

• Millennials are the swing generation

• Three kinds of 'Nones'

• Spiritual but not religious

• Biggest opportunity for church growth

• American church not European type

Briefing #5 Denominations in Twin Cities

• 208 denominations active in Twin Cities

• Trend toward multi-denominations

• Five denominations dominate in Twin Cities

• Statistical graphs of Twin Cities denominations

• Typical church attendance in Twin Cities metro

• Waning influence of denominations

Briefing #4 Church Comparison Charts

Briefing #4 – Your Church in Charts

• New tool for church administrators

• Turn your data into graphs

• Now analysis at macro and micro levels

• Compare your church with other churches

• Charts facilitate better, bolder, faster decisions

• Completely confidential


Briefing #3 Multi-site Churches

Briefing #3 – Twin Cities Multisite Churches

• Multisite is popular church growth strategy

• List of Twin Cities multisite churches attached

• Working only for a small number of churches

• Three denominations excel at multisites

• A weak but common argument for multisites

• Size and/or multisite not a big advantage

Briefing #1 About Church Scouts

• Announcing new service to help churches grow

• This new service is free for all churches

• Reason for this new service

• Need stronger churches, not more churches

• Church Scouts are your friends

• Website (

Briefing #2 – 100 Largest Churches in Twin Cities

• List of 100 largest Twin Cities churches attached

• Less than 1-in-5 attend church during week

• Two-thirds Protestant churches in 5-year decline

• Three-fourths Catholic churches in 5-year decline

• Protestant largest 100 gets third of attendance

• Size not major factor in growth or decline

Coming ...

Briefing #13 – How Church Data Surveys Help

Coming August 2018

Church Graphs is a new professional tool for church planning. In penetrating detail you see how your church compares with growth churches, gives views never before seen. This Briefing explains what the graphs will tell you for making important decisions in your church.

Briefing #11 – Millennials Are Changing Everything

Coming June 2018

Millennials (ages 18-38) are causing massive changes on the Twin Cities church scene. As a follow-up to the interviews in Briefing #10, this Briefing turns to social experts to help us understand what's happening and how the church should respond.

Briefing #12 – Religious Affilition Portrait

Coming July 2018

This Briefing will focus on key points of a massive study of over 100,000 Americans in 2016, showing what people believe ... trends and demographic breakdowns ... and comparison of national picture with Twin Cities picture ... will help improve engagement with unbelievers.

Briefing #10  – Minneapolis Street Interviews

• Millennials and GenZ are now the majority

• Interviews on street with 25 Millennials

• Life is to make better society

• No creator-God

• No absolutes, no sin, no hell

• Key issue: Then why need a Savior?

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