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What are Church Graphs?

Church Graphs are a set of 20 computer-generated graphs covering every aspect of your church, produced by Church Scouts to assist church administrators in gathering, analyzing and presenting information to pastors and church boards.

Reasons for Church Graphs

•VISUAL.  Colorful graphs easier to understand than tables of numbers.

•PERCENTAGES.  All raw numbers converted to percentages for easy comparisons and for confidentiality.

•COMPACT. Five years data covering all aspects of your church compressed into just 20 graphs.

•CONTINUITY. Your archival records kept together in one place, with consistent reporting, even as people rotate in and out of church positions.

•ONLINE.  All essential data online for instant access, password protected, a great in-your-pocket resource at decision meetings.

• TRENDS.  Covers five years, clearly revealing underlying trends.

•PROFESSIONAL.  Enables church administrators to act in professional manner with modern analytic tools.

•SAVES TIME.  Saves considerable time in data gathering, analysis, material prep and distribution.

ORIENTATION.  Excellent training for new staff and board members, bringing them up to speed quickly.

•OTHER CHURCHES.  Shows not only what’s happening in your church, but also what’s happening in churches around you.

•CONFIDENTIAL.  Never names your church (only ID number) and never gives raw numbers (only percentages), so no one can ever know identity of any particular church.

•BETTER DECISIONS.  More facts and analysis result in better decisions about strategy and allocation of resources.

•BOLDER DECISIONS.  More clarity and measurement gives confidence needed for making bold decisions that make big differences.

•FASTER DECISIONS.  Uncertainty is reduced so decision-makers spend less time in discussion and deferrals and are equipped to act quickly.

Restrictions and cost

Church Graphs are offered only for churches in Twin Cities MN metro with worship attendance 200+. (Smaller numbers can distort statistics and comparisons.)

Processing Fee is $100 for set of 20 graphs.

Graphs are FREE if you participate in beta testing prior to March 31, 2018 or if you are a member of the National Association of Church Business Administrators.

How to order

Just fill out a simple two-page input form and give us your last five year's financial statements (Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Statement) and we'll do the rest. Click HERE for the two-page input form.

Scan these items and send them to, and in less then ten days you'll get the MASTER SHEET and 20 graphs as a PDF package sent to the email address from which the information was received. No fee for beta testing, ending March 31, 2018.

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How to use and update

Click HERE for tips on how to read, interpret, update and make decisions from your charts.

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Church Graphs

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