Culture Trends

Changing church and community culture

Culture Trends

Church Scouts call attention to cultural trends influencing
changes in Twin Cities church structure and ministry

NOTE: Church Scouts promotes church growth but does not endorse any particular strategy, doctrine, organization or individual. The very nature of change means that many will disagree. This site just reports what is happening.

Contextual Presentation for Unbelievers

Andy Stanley
church trends

As culture changes, pastors and boards are experimenting with new approaches for communicating the gospel to the masses of people who are turned off by the church and don't believe the Bible.

Here's a presentation used by Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Atlanta.

Nones and Post-Christians now
account for about half of Twin Cities metro population

Trends Shaping the Church in America

Christian trends

This 230-page book is loaded with survey statistics, trends and analysis about Christians in the United States in 2017.


Covers four main sections about what's new and what's next at the intersection of faith and culture:

• The World Millennials Are Building

• Three Shifts Redefining Romance

• Racial Tension in America

• State of the Church


Christians church

44% of Americans are now Post-Christian

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Rapid Generational Changes

Religious identity

Click for 46-page PDF report with startling statistics on how fast our culture is changing

Churches will have to find new language and new forms for post-Christian generations having little or no Christian understanding, often hostile, and develop smaller venues for people at various stages of their spiritual journey. One size will no longer fit all.

Church preference

Religious identity

% by age group

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Churches Getting Smaller

In 2016, average weekly Catholic worship service attendance in Twin Cities was 1,059,
compared to 1,190 in 2010


In 2016, average weekly Protestant worship service attendance in Twin Cities was 155,
compared to 200 in 2010

Average Protestant Attendance
Twin Cities Churches 2010-2016

church attendance

Modern culture is putting pressure
on church size

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Personal perspectives are narrow, colored by our own experiences,
research and facts show the full picture and make better leaders