That red line:

We need to know
what they're thinking

Percent of Population

This chart is summary of interviews with 100,000+ respondents in a major national survey, showing that the church is losing the young generations at an alarming rate.

To stop the decline, we need more direct information about what they're thinking.

Church Scouts is in the process of building a continuous feedback interview system with the Twin Cities population that's not affiliated with any church or religious organization, called the Nones (see Briefing #9).


These will be friendly, non-confrontive, non-judgmental interview dialogs to learn what the non-affiliated people are really thinking, and how they respond to the Gospel message, the church and Christians.


This will be professional in-depth research among Millennials and Gen-Zs in the Twin Cities, to get into their minds subjectively, to compliment quantitative survey data.


Church Scouts believe that good communication begins by understanding the other person.

Coming in next Briefing

The first Church Scouts report with interviews will be coming later in January as Briefing #10, word-for-word transcripts of 25 random conversations with Millennials on the streets of Minneapolis.


Help wanted

If you are a market research professional and/or have a special interest in this unique kind of ministry for Twin Cities churches – and if you are willing to participate in the design of this feed-back system – please contact

Street Interviews

Listen to the people the church needs to reach,
in their own words, random on Minneapolis streets



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Harshest words from Jesus were for people in the temple
who lost touch with people in the street


Can't make good decisions without relevant facts and deep understanding