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Immigrants by country

There are 967,000 first and second generation immigrants in the Twin Cities (28% of population).

Devout Muslims

About a third of Muslims are devout and two-thirds are cultural only (don't pray five times a day, don't go to Mosque, etc.)

Muslim Population

Muslims now account for about 5% of Twin Cities population, compared to 1% of U.S. population

Muslims in Twin Cities

Muslims by Ethnic Group

Approximately half of Muslims in Twin Cities are Somali and half from 46 other countries, 182,000 Muslims in total.

Mosques by Year

First mosque in Twin Cities was in 1967. By 2000 there were 44. Now there are 151.


Since 2000, more than 6,000 people (all faiths or none) have converted to Islam. Only about 175 Muslims have converted to Christianity.

Mosques by City

Minneapolis, St Paul, Burnsville, Eden Prairie have the most mosques

Most important chart
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The Squeeze

As a percent of population, Nones and Muslims are squeezing Christians out of  the Twin Cities population.


This chart shows specifically
how they are squeezing out Evangelicals as older generations die off.


This explains the reason for
Church Scouts, to bring critical information to
pastors and church boards
to help reverse the trend.

Muslims and Nones gaining share

Muslims and Nones (no religion) are growing faster than Twin Cities population, and Christians are falling behind.

(Evangelicals graphed here; Catholics and mainline falling even faster)

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