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why your church needs surveys

Nothing is more important for church leadership than to track how the entire congregation is responding, and reasons why

2  Most people are nice and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so leaders are sometimes last to see the underlying currents

3  Leaders typically get most of their input from an inner circle of friends, unaware of how people on the periphery, the majority, are feeling

4  Congregations appreciate when leaders value their opinions and ask for input

5  Congregations like surveys to be completely confidential, taken by a trusted outsider, so they can be honest without risk of offending anyone or straining relationships

6  Repeated surveys provide benchmarks for measuring improvement, at depth far more reliable than personal observation


This survey system for Twin Cities churches is
ready to use, fast, easy and costs you nothing

– a service of Church Scouts

Q & A

What are Church Surveys?

The term Church Surveys, as used here, refers to the feedback system Church Scouts has built for Twin Cities churches to help pastor and board know what the congregation is thinking, to help with priorities and planning.

What are the questions?

The system is still in development process, but when completed there will be many survey formats (including exist surveys) from which you can choose. And you can add, subtract or modify questions of your own. The format at right (Barna questions) is operational right now.

How do people answer?

Respondents answer online, on their phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. For example, you are given a 4-in-1 PDF document with a special URL and instructions. You can print the document, cut it into four equal parts, and ushers hand one to everyone entering the worship service.

People with smart phones could be asked to do the survey during offertory and all others asked to do it when they get home.

Most surveys take less than three minutes.

Is there a bias toward young people?

Probably, because some old people don't know how to use a computer. But this is good bias because young people are the future of the church. Young people will love that your church is up to date in its communications.

Who sees the survey findings?

Each survey will have a time limit, usually a week or two. When the survey closes, the person who ordered the survey will receive by email from Church Scouts a summary of results as a PDF package, including charts like examples at right.

The package is designed for pastor and board, but the person ordering it can use and share it, in whole or in part, in whatever ways are most useful to the church.

Who can order a survey?

Anyone who has authority to announce the survey to the church has authority to order the survey from Church Scouts. The system can handle up to 10,000 responses per survey. Do not order a survey unless you expect to get at least 30 responses.

How do I order a survey?

Just email to address below to initiate contact with Church Scouts. Never any cost or obligation.


Survey Sunday every six months

Some churches have Survey Sunday at regular intervals, like once a quarter or once every six months. One or two questions are always the same for benchmarking but three or four questions are new each time to capture the congre-
gation's thinking about a particular subject or subjects.

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Personal perspectives are narrow, colored by our own experiences,
research and facts show the full picture and make better leaders