Churches and Attendance

Shows total number of churches and total attendance by size category, and compares situation in 2016 with 2011

Worship Attendance by Protestant/Catholic

Numbers of people attending worship services
weekly in Twin Cities  2010 to 2016

Size and Growth

Breaks down total number of churches by worship attendance size and by attendance growth

Overall Church Growth

Shows percentage of all Twin Cities churches having increases or decreases in worship attendance during period 2011-2016

All growth from small churches

Shows that during period 2011-2016, all gains in attendance came from churches in size less than 100 category

Decline in church sizes

Shows how average size of church has been falling since 2010.

Twin Cities church facts in charts and tables, where you see and understand the whole church of the Twin Cities.


Statistics 1 – Attendance

100 Largest Churches in Twin Cities (2016)

This table with 2016 attendance lists the churches, cities, denominations and changes over the past five years

100 Largest Protestant Churches (2016)

For each of the 100 largest Protestant churches in the Twin Cities, this table lists names, cities, denominations, multisites and attendance in 2011 and 2016


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