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Statistics 2 – Multisites

Multisite By Type

Multisite churches account for 15%
of total worship service attendance
(total = 755,000) in Twin Cities

Multisite Changes 2016

Statistical summary of changes in Twin Cities 153 multisite churches in 2016

Rapid Multisite Growth

But 10,000 multisites is still
only 3% of total U.S. churches

Multisite  By Denomination

Largest 5-year attendance gains and losses of Twin Cities multisite churches by denomination

Largest New Multisite Churches

Average weekly attendance of the 10 largest
new Twin Cities multisite churches since 2011

Multisite Experience

Over past five years, most multisite organizations have overall lost rather than gained attendance

Multisite Church List by Parent (2016)

In 2016, there were 151 multisite churches in the Twin Cities, with 62 parent organizations. This table lists each parent site and its subsites, city, denomination and 5-year attendance changes


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