Twin Cities church facts in charts and tables, where you see and understand the whole church of the Twin Cities.


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City View Report – 185-page book

This amazing book has hundreds of tables, charts and graphs detailing the spiritual condition of the Twin Cities. It tracks not only churches, individually and by denomination, but also Mosques, temples, covens and other worship sites. No other major metro area in the world has such a comprehensive compendium of local religious statistics, gathered by Rev. Dr. John A Mayer over 20 years. This book is for sale online at the City Vision website.

Custom Reports

City Vision and Church Scouts have huge databases of information on Twin Cities churches. For example, at left is a report showing churches by city, but it's 85 pages long. Reports like this can be created and sent as a PDF for particular people and purposes.


City Vision has 20 years of data on Twin Cities churches ... plus extensive data on local mosques, covens and worship sites of world religions.


City Vision also has general demographic data on all areas of the Twin Cities.


Click here to inquire about building and combining custom reports for the particular needs of your church or planned expansion.

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